Day 9 – It’s Been a Long Day

Dear Reader,

It is the wee hours of the morning so technically I suppose it is Day 10. But, it was a long day at work (day job) and it was difficult to get all my words in. I got very little sleep the night before and the weather today was dreary and rainy, which only enhanced my feeling of being tired. It is very important to get plenty of sleep daily and especially, during NaNoWriMo. I am a night owl by nature but went to bed early after dinner tonight which is out of character for me and only last a couple of hours, which is why I am wide awake now and finishing up my word count.  I did manage 2,110. I’m also refereeing the animals. Our tiny little rescue kitty which weights all of six pounds and is at least that old was sleeping in the basset hounds bed. But Lily, the basset hound while put out that her bed was occupied would not make the cat move. So I had to remove the cat from the oversized dog bed so Lily could get some sleep herself. They are best friends and but Lily will not share the bed, but she will not make the cat move either. Instead, she walks around the bed whining and making snuffling noises, until I pick up Olive and move her to another nesting place which is usually with me as she is now.

Olive is a sweetie and loves to snuggle, she often keeps the edges of my keyboard warm as I work.  I leave you with this image of my feline co-author as I start Day 10’s word count.

A special prayer for a dear friend of mine having surgery on Monday and to those affected by the wildfires in California.



Day 4: The Toughest Day So Far

Hello Dear Reader,

As I mentioned yesterday, weekends are a bit unstructured around here. I got up early this morning (early being a relative term) and attempted to make coffee. I met with technical and mechanical difficulties with the Keurig this morning. But I did manage to solve the problem and finally get a cup of coffee. Everyone else in the house was still asleep so I thought I would be able to bang out 2,000 works easily enough. WRONG. Lily the basset hound had other ideas. She doesn’t like it when the hubby and I are not in the same room and so she walks back and forth between whatever rooms we are occupying but, as I wanted some quiet time to get writing done. I didn’t want her to get too rowdy and start barking as hounds tend to do when they don’t get their way, or maybe that is just my hound. She went outside several times only to want to come back in, then she managed to upset the cat bowls as she clumsily tried to steal their food. Finally, I took her back to the bedroom and made her stay in there with the hubby who by this time was awake and reading a book. I only managed 943 words before hubby and the two cats were awake and moving about the house. So much for getting any writing done. Then it was breakfast, laundry, and general household chores and maintenance.

Now, several hours later, the dog and cats are once again asleep, hubby is in the garage and I am alone in my personal library with a glass of wine and my laptop. Hopefully, I can reach my daily goal this time.

Well, it’s only 3:05 pm and I finally managed to reach my word count goal for the day, 2,054. I might try for some more later tonight. But I’m afraid this is probably the best I am going to be able to do today.

I have some other book-related work to do.

Happy Writing!