Storming into the Week

Photo by Giga Khurtsilava on Unsplash Dear Reader, My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered damage from Tropical Storm Nestor. We are feeling a little of its effects today here as well. Lots of rain and wind. So far no reports of property damage, although the rain has made traveling quite treacherous today. With the storm… Continue reading Storming into the Week

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Silver Writing – Research

Dear Reader, By now you are full of inspiration and you've started to consider actually trying this "writing thing", maybe you've sketched out some story ideas. But, how to make those ideas a reality and come alive as a story? Research! The way to make a story enjoyable is to have the reader connect with… Continue reading Silver Writing – Research

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Silver Writing Part I – Inspiration

A big part of writing is inspiration. What inspires you to write? Is it your feelings? An emotional connection to an event or person? Is it the tactile act of writing itself? Personally, if I want to remember something I write it on a slip of paper. The act of writing makes me remember the… Continue reading Silver Writing Part I – Inspiration