Day 30th

Dear Reader,

Success, it took me the entire month but, I did it. I wrote 50, 000 words in 30 days. It will serve as a rough draft for a book to start a new series. I am working book three in the Maggie Gray Trilogy.

I thank you all for following along with me on this journey and I hope it was insightful in some way. I will write a summary of the month this weekend.

For now, I am going to relax and watch a holiday movie.



Day 28

We’re getting down to the wire dear Reader,

It’s the final two days of NaNoWriMo. I work better under pressure. Today I typed over 4,000 words. and I have 10,110 words to go to complete my goal of 50,000 in 30 days. So there are going to be some marathon sessions for the next couple of days. Stay tuned because you don’t want to miss it! It’s going to be a nail better.

In the meantime, I am working on the audio files for Gray’s Requiem to be available on audible and putting together the final November newsletter which is going to have a book trailer sneak peek so if you haven’t signed up yet, make sure do so you can get all sorts of cool stuff before everyone else! Newsletter.

Hang on we are almost there.


Day 23

Welcome to Black Friday Dear Reader,

A day that I refuse to participate in, even if at stores who do not experience the stupidity of trampling one another for a TV. I do not enjoy shopping under normal conditions I have no desire to shop under stressful conditions.

I prefer to spend my day after Thanksgiving making up for the words I didn’t type yesterday. Today, I managed 2,365 words. It was a rather relaxing day. It was cold here by my standards. It was 32 degrees when I woke up. I am miserable in anything less than 70 degrees. But, on the bright side now that it is officially “after Thanksgiving” I will not have to endure the snickers and comments about having started my Christmas decorating or listening to Christmas music. I intend to watch all the Christmas movies on Hulu. The way the day job has been going lately, I need all the positive vibes I can get.

I am at a turning point in my NaNoWriMo story. Two of the characters are attracted to each other and I am trying to decide if the story should take a romantic turn or not. But, I can write it now and decide later and edit out if it doesn’t work. That is the fun part of writing you can go write anything and everything you feel and then edit it later to mold it into the story you want to tell.

But until then, I’m cranking up the Black Light Ascension and jamming.



Day 21

Well hello, dear reader,

Well, I have had an interesting couple of days at my day job. I don’t know if it is the impending full moon on Friday or the anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday, but things just seem to be extra crazy around here.

And yes, there is a full moon on Black Friday, so if you are one of those adrenaline junkies that like to shop on Black Friday, be extra careful. To be honest you will not catch me so much as driving past a retail store this coming weekend. I’m taking advantage of the shopping madness to go to a few museums and write. I am counting on the fact that the museums will be empty while the stores are full.

Personally, I like to shop small and local. I support other small business the way I hope someone will support my business of self-publishing my books.

If you are in the U.S. and celebrating Thanksgiving I wish you all the best and safe travels. I will likely not be writing tomorrow or if I do it will be very late so probably not in time to give you a county for Day 22. The good news is that today is Day 21 and I have 2,096 words so far today. So I’ve met my goal even if I do not write anymore. Hopefully, I will have time to add some words to the story. Things have taken a bad turn and Malone and the crew of the Star Venture is stuck on Titan with an injured Victoria “Six” Collingwood. They need a way to get her home quickly.

There are some exciting things coming up in the next few months, so if you haven’t already make sure you sign up for my newsletter so you can see “it” before anyone else.  I have several fun things lined up for you guys. Not to mention the usual mayhem and madness that goes along with being an indie.

So until Friday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!





Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash






Day 18

Dear Reader,

It has been a full day, I slept in this morning a little, enjoy a quiet morning with a cuppa and my writing chair. I exceeded my daily word count goal. It finally warmed up into the high 50’s (degrees) so we were able to go outside and work in the yard. I did some concrete work. The was a crack in the driveway I wanted to fix before winter. We have a winter garden going so I needed to check on the lettuce and asparagus and a few other things. I needed to prune some trees and a few flowers.

Then the afternoon was spent reviewing audio files for Gray’s Requiem. You can look forward to it becoming available on Audible soon.

I hope your weekend was good and you spent it taking care of yourself.