Storms Can Produce the Best Sunsets

Or in this case, an impending storm. This was taken yesterday evening, we are expecting some rain and wind from Tropical Storm Ian. Clouds have already started moving in and today they gave us a beautiful sunset. And while the skies are lovely here, please keep the people in Florida in your hearts. We are … Continue reading Storms Can Produce the Best Sunsets

In the Blink of an Eye

Just like that, summer is essentially over, the leaves are just starting to turn, storms are starting to appear off the coast, the kids are back in school and there are only 109 days until Christmas. I know it is too soon to be decorating but, I am in planning stages. With the addition of … Continue reading In the Blink of an Eye

Long Weekends and Home Projects

Dear Reader, This weekend is a holiday here in the U.S., President's day is celebrated on Monday and most offices are closed. I am grateful for the extra time to work on my books. But, I also am helping the husband with small projects around the house. He is remodeling the closets and at times … Continue reading Long Weekends and Home Projects