Ginny’s Christmas Wish, Is the latest release in the Gates Point contemporary romance series. Just in time for Christmas.

Ginny Graham’s life was right on schedule. She was near the top of her marketing field in New York when her mother’s cancer returned. Ginny gave up her career to care for her mother until Ophelia Graham passed away just before Thanksgiving.  Faced with her mother’s huge Victorian house, in a small southern city, Ginny had few friends and no family with which to share the upcoming holidays. 

Arlo Michaels was just living day by day, not really thinking too much about the future until he meets his neighbor’s daughter, Ginny Graham, and his life changes in ways he never imagined.  Now his days have a purpose: bring the Christmas spirit back into Ginny’s heart.

You can snag you copy of Ginny’s Christmas Wish on Amazon. Also available in Kindle Unlimited.

The Atropi Effect, is the final book in the Maggie Gray Trilogy.

Maggie Gray was the Federation’s most deadly assassin until they betrayed her. Now with a threat to human civilization, Maggie must choose between the Federation and twelve rogue aliens from her mother’s home planet of Atropia.

There are two types of Guardians in the galaxy, those that guard an ideal, a way of life or some other abstract facet of life, and those that guard individuals; very important individuals who have a destiny to be fulfilled. I assign Jack Wagner to guard Maggie Gray, a woman who has no use for guardians, is more than capable of taking care of herself, and the one woman who has broken his heart.

Together, they must save Earth from the Atropi Effect.

The Atropi Effect and and all of the Maggie Gray novels are available on Amazon or where ever you buy books.

Rescue My Love, the debut contemporary romance novel by Lynn Story is now available on Amazon for only $2.99 on Kindle, FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited and paperback for only $11.99.

Do you love shows like NCIS but wish there was just a little more romance? Then come meet Ethan and Kay. Ethan is an FBI agent who lost Kay once and does’t intend to lose her again. James “Mac” McIntyre is the NCIS Director and man Kay turns to when she thinks she’ll never see Ethan again. But, it will take both Mac and Ethan to rescue Kay. Find out who rescues Kay and wins her heart!

Storming Area 51 is currently available for pre-order and will release on September 20, 2019. It is a wonderful anthology to celebrate Area 51 and all its rumored activities. with 35 stories you can feel like your storming the gates from the safety of your Kindle! Get your copy today for only $3.99!

The Deceived, the first book in the Maggie Gray trilogy is available on Amazon; these fine retailers and Audible. The e-book is currently available for $1.99.

Gray’s Requiem, the second in the Maggie Gray trilogy is on sale now for only $2.99. At your favorite online retailer, Amazon; Audible and these fine retailers.

The amazing cover art was created by William Heavey at Bold Fox Designs

My books are narrated by the very talented Heather August.

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