Milissa L. Story

The Maggie Gray Trilogy

by Milissa L. Story

Imagine a world where alien technology from the Roswell crash ignited a second civil war; a war fought over the use of technology and the advancement of the human race. A war that divided North America, with Mexico and Canada joining forces with the states in the eastern half of the United States to form a new Federation. The western half of the country formed the United States of Western American with the belief that technology should be used thoughtfully and carefully. That to abandon the traditional way of life completely was a mistake.

Maggie Gray few up in the USWA dreaming of a better life, an easier life. The Federation was tempting to a young idealist in college and when the Federation offered her a job, a place to live and to pay for her education, Maggie couldn’t refuse. She left her old life behind, only to be deceived by those she trusted.

Come follow Maggie on her journey to redemption and justice.

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