Dirty Blood. Have You Read It?

Dear Reader,

So this weekend, I was planning at least one day of pure relaxation. No yard work, no laundry, just me and whatever was going to bring me joy. I had visions of lounging in my hammock with a good book.

I had everything I needed except a book I that spoke to me, nothing on my shelf or Kindle was crying out to be read. So I went in search of something new. Having just met Heather Hildebrand in person recently, I decided to look up her series, she has several. And check out one of her books. Being the type of person that I am I have to start at the beginning so I went to the first book in her first series. Dirty Blood. It was published in 2011 so I realize I’m late to the party. But, let me just say if you haven’t read this book then you like me have missed out. Let me tell you one more thing about myself. I read a lot of different books at the same time, usually, because no one book holds my attention for very long so I tend to jump around a lot.

Not so with Dirty Blood. I read it in a day. I couldn’t put it down. Seriously.  It is YA and a great read. You can’t help but get caught up in the characters and there is plenty of action to keep the story moving along. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, Cold Blood.


Happy Reading!

P.S. And if you like a little romance with your sci-fi action you can also check out my Maggie Gray series. 




The Rained Out Writer

I’m traveling a little this week to attend a conference for my day job. But, never one to pass up an opportunity to get some writing done, I had plans to visit various places near the hotel with my book. The area is very pedestrian friendly and there are a lot of shops, cafe’s and a theater to be enjoyed. Not to mention the culture of the area is very interesting.

My plans were that once training was over each day I would grab the sketchbook I used for first drafts and my phone and head out to soak up the local atmosphere and be inspired while I worked to complete my first draft of book three. I arrived early for the conference to allow for such time, only to be greeted with a rainstorm that was so intense you could not see the other cars surrounding you even though they all had their lights on nor the road itself. It wasn’t even safe to attempt to pull off the road and wait it out. Fortunately, this driving while blind situation only lasted a few short hair-raising minutes. The rest of the evening however continued with some level of rain. So my local culture was confined to the hotel lobby.

After the first day of training, things looked a bit dryer outside so once again I grabbed my book and headed out. I popped into a used bookstore that is absolutely charming and inviting with comfy chairs to relax in while sampling the books.

When I continued down the street in search of more inspiration I was again greeted with a tremendous clap of thunder. I ducked into a drug store for cover and to hopefully wait it out. No such luck. So I purchased a soda and took my chances in the rain. I and several other people ran from store awning to store awning and hopped from one dry spot under the street trees to the next until I arrived safely back at my hotel, albeit completely soaked to the skin.

So far I don’t even have a decent street scene picture to share with you, dear reader. Additionally, the forces of nature are supportive of my getting some writing done, so they knocked out the hotel satellite TV to remove any distraction in hopes that I will press on and get some work done.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a sunnier day.


Just Getting Started

Dear Reader,

Summer is just getting started here in the U.S. Schools are letting out for the summer, community pools are opening up, summer classes will be starting at the local colleges. June is a month for graduates, festivals, and brides to be. It is a wonderful time for those of us who love warm weather.

Today I am enjoying warm summer breezes, clothes drying on the line, the smell of flowers blooming. I harvested my first tomatoes of the season and will enjoy them on a salad for dinner.

It is perfect for writing in the sunshine. Or enjoying a good book, I scored some wonderful 20th Century history books yesterday at a book sale. And plan to spend the evening reading among the fireflies.

Speaking of books, if you’ve read Gray’s Requiem and enjoyed it, please consider nominating it for a Dragon Award in the category of alternative history.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!




You know the Blackbeard Festival has started when you go into Lidl and there is a pirate shopping in the produce section. There is quite a lot going on this weekend to keep the creative idea flowing. Everything from pirate ships to cultural festivals.

I enjoyed some moussaka this week with friends and co-workers. Transformed an old rain barrel into a backyard fountain and two planters. Now it’s time to get back to working on writing projects.

Book three in the Maggie Gray trilogy is coming along and is still in the first draft stage. I’ll share some sneak peaks when I get it a little closer to the final product.  Non-writing creative activities have also included the start of a painted desert shawl. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out, as well.

Don’t forget to make time for yourselves this week, dear reader, and indulge your creative side.


Let the Good Times Roll

Who remembers that song by the Cars? Love it! So you may have seen a brief update on social media this past weekend about the badminton, bbq and brews party. It was quite the success with only four shuttlecocks that had to be retrieved from the hinterlands and one shuttlecock to the eye. The bbq was spectactular and the cold beverages were welcomed. I think I still have sore muscles from all the fun and games.

One thing I learned this weekend is that I need a lot of badminton practice.

I know a lot of people here in the states consider the Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start of summer, soon the schools in my area will let out and our community pool has opened. It’s time to plan vacations, road trips, and other festivities.

If you are planning a road trip or just lounging poolside, don’t forget The Deceived is available on or through Amazon. So you can pop in your earbuds and get started on the Maggie Gray Trilogy.

If you enjoy the book please consider leaving a review, this will help both myself and the amazing voice artist who recorded the book.

Other exciting projects are in the works this summer. I’m working on book three of the Maggie Gray trilogy. I’m also planning a podcast and sketching out a very rough draft of a new book.

Stay tuned…




Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash