Welcome to Stitches and Stories

I’m Milissa Story, a multi-genre author writing under the pen name Milissa L. Story for my alternative history and science fiction novels. Has Lynn Story for my contemporary romance stories and novels. I also collaborate with my husband under the pen name ML Story to write detective fiction and thriller novels.

My writing experience prior to publishing my first novel in 2017 consisted of software technical documents, business continuity plans, guest blogging and articles regarding local government and technology. I have bachelor’s degree in Government and Public Affairs and a Masters in Public Administration. I am also a Certified Zoning Administrator.

But, after a while all of those technical documents and articles seemed a bit stuffy and did not allow for a lot of creativity, so I decided to share the fiction stories I had been writing and keeping to myself. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

When I’m not writing I love being outside. Okay to be honest, even if I am writing I love being outside. I am lucky enough to live along the coast and enjoy the beautiful bay with lots of water sports and trails.

One of my favorite spots early in the morning
Spending time with my girl.


1 thought on “Welcome to Stitches and Stories”

  1. Pretty dang gone good. Moves fast. Right to the point. It kept me interested and wanting to see what was going to happen. Very good Melissa, I’ll move on to the next one.
    Steve Shumaker


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