New Year Starting in February

January was a regrouping month. A time to sit quietly after the holidays and plan out the next eleven months. I have emerged with a solid publishing schedule for 2023 and a plan to try new things. One goal for this year is to get my Gates Point romance series into audio. Audio is expensive and time consuming, and that is only compounded by the fact that I have six books out that need a voice. So I have taken some first steps in getting that goal started.

I am also working on a co-authoring project for the new year. I’m extremely excited about this project. It is a crime fiction set in the 1970s. The search has been so much fun and to be writing it with someone who lived it is very special. I can’t wait to tell you more about this adventure.

Winter hasn’t disappointed this year. We have had cold pipe bursting temperatures, ten minutes of snow, but wonderful indoor activities to keep the blues away. It is the perfect time to stay warm and cozy with a good book, a cuppa and friends and family.

I love these days for curling up with my laptop and getting some work done. I hope you are happy and surrounded by books and love wherever you are today.

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