Storms Can Produce the Best Sunsets

Or in this case, an impending storm.

This was taken yesterday evening, we are expecting some rain and wind from Tropical Storm Ian. Clouds have already started moving in and today they gave us a beautiful sunset. And while the skies are lovely here, please keep the people in Florida in your hearts.

We are expecting rain all weekend, and that means plenty of writing time for me without the great outdoors as a distraction. I have a book in the editing stage, another I’m writing, and another four outlined. The fourth quarter is going to be very busy with the book in editing mode and the other I’m trying to finish by the middle of October. I’ve sent the first four chapters of that book for editing while I write the next four chapters, which I should finish up today. So things are very busy here in the writing shack.

And just in case you need something to read there are a couple of great promotions going on right now.

Sci-Fi Explosion ends tomorrow so pop on over and check it out.

If romance is more you style then check our the Happy Ever After promo running now until October 16th.

Peace, Love and Happiness

Milissa “Lynn” Story

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