In the Blink of an Eye

Just like that, summer is essentially over, the leaves are just starting to turn, storms are starting to appear off the coast, the kids are back in school and there are only 109 days until Christmas. I know it is too soon to be decorating but, I am in planning stages. With the addition of a new dog on our family this year I think a tree is out of the question. I have images of her dragging it through the house. So I will need to come up with other ideas. Some of my neighbors have already started putting up Halloween decorations in their yards. A new theme in the neighborhood this year seems to be these huge skeletons with glowing eyes. (Refer to the opening sentence of this paragraph), I worry for their inflatables and megaskeltons should we get hit with a tropical storm.

In writing news, Loyal Blue, book 9 in the Gates Point series is with the editor. I’ve started the Christmas novel for this year. Yes, I am behind schedule. Some good news, the entire Gates Point series is not available on Google Play! I’m very excited to be able to offer them on this platform.

In the new year, I will be switching gears and working on a new crime/detective fiction novel and bring you a new edgy character.

Exciting, right? So stay tuned for updates on this one.

Another project I have planned for the new year, is a class. I am putting together a class for beginners to help people get started writing and publishing their books. I am planning a series of in person classes locally as well a online. Again, stay tuned for updates. This is a new venture for me, so it is going to take a little time to get it set up and tested.

For now, time to get back to writing.

Until next time.

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