So much to do, so much to say

We are expecting snow here, and on the coast that normally means an inch or less that will be gone in a day. It never stays cold enough for the snow to hang around. But, not this time, this time they are using words like “significant” snowfall. My inner child is excited at the prospect of seeing the yard blanketed in the white fluffy stuff, but my adult side groans at the thought of having to trudge to work in it.

The thought of getting cozy by a fire with a book, a bit of knitting or even my laptop is just too tempting. Besides the prospect of snow, things here are too busy for any one person to manage. I can barely keep up with my emails these days, although they are all much appreciated. I am using January to outline all the books I want to publish in 2022. I have four romance novels outlined, I started a new book for a potential new series. I’m also planning to outline a dark urban fantasy series as well, so stay tuned for all of that in the coming months.

If you’re a writer what are your goals for 2022? Do you have a favorite software tool that you use, or are you old school with a notebook and a pen? I admit I have a thing for pens.

If you want to learn more about my upcoming romance novels join me here for updates, freebies and get the first in series free.

Or if sci-fi/fantasy is more your thing, then join the street team and get updates and advance notices of new releases and even an opportunity to name a character in my new series!

More to come next week.

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