So Cold

It is cold here in coastal Virginia this week. It’s been in the 20s at night and that is too cold for me. I am definitely a warm weather girl. I wish I could stay inside next to a fire with a good book or a bit of knitting until spring. At least it isn’t completely dark when leaving work in the evenings.

Twilight over the river

New year books sales are off to a great start and I have some books outlined for the year. So these first twelve days of the month have been productive. I hope 2022 promises to be a wonderful year for you as well.

Don’t forget you still have a couple of weeks left in these January book promos. There are some awesome free or $.99 books to start your new year off right.

I want to thank you all who for downloading my books. Both the romance and sci-fi series were download in 50 countries in 2021! You guys are awesome! Cheers to 2022!

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