Comfort Foods

Dear Reader,

There is nothing better regarding self care and self indulgence than comfort food. I enjoy cooking them; I love the way the house smells and I, of course, enjoy them. The way warms your soul on a cold rainy day, when the world seems to be out of sorts. Or at least the world around you. This weekend, while everyone else was watching football. (Not my thing) I decided to try out a new recipe for the Gates Point Cookbook. I made myself seafood macaroni and cheese. It was a gray, cold and rainy day, and I thought some yummy mac and cheese could serve two purposes. I might include it in the cookbook, and it would make me feel warm and cozy. I opted for shrimp and scallops for the seafood ingredients and some of my favorite cheeses. I have to admit; it came out very well. Even my husband, who does not enjoy mac and cheese the way I do, enjoyed it and have it two thumbs up. That is high praise from a man who doesn’t eat carbs.

As winter continues to live up to its reputation and provide us here in the Mid-Atlantic Region with plenty of wintery weather. Take a moment to enjoy some “me” time and consider a little comfort food in your self-care regime.

Take care, dear reader.

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