Be True to Yourself

Dear Reader,

We are nearing the midway point of January, here in Virginia the days are short, the air is cold and I long for warm days and the smell of fresh cut grass as I sat inside where it was toasty warm with my coffee watching the water drip down in front of my window as the sun warmed the roof and melted the frost away. January is certainly cold enough for my taste, but February is often colder. I am a connoisseur of fuzzy socks and flannel anything and I preparing my nesting spot to curl up in with a good book.

The winter months can be tough the lack of sun, the cold temperatures, the rain, sleet, or snow can get you down; especially if you are ‘a feelings first’ person. I love when Sarah Ban Breathnach says “Emotion is the feminine mother tongue.” And it is true we woman often use emotions to describe things such as a picture of a kitten or a child that “touched” us, or a song that can bring a tear to our eye. And if you’re the type to be more in turn with empathy then things are probably a struggle for you with all that is going on the world. So what do we do about it?

Embrace that you feel things strongly or more than others around you. You can’t stop feeling so we need to introduce things in our lives right now to make sure what we are feeling is healthy and positive as much as possible. So grab those warm fuzzy socks and your Kindle or iPad and curl up under a warm thick blanket and escape for a little while in a book. A romance, or fantasy nothing that will add the gray gloominess that mother nature is already surrounding you with, pick a book that is set in a different time of year or a different part of the world with a warmer climate. Make sure whatever you are reading has a HEA, happily ever after ending. Sure that might not be realistic, but right now I think we all are experiencing too much reality and need a break to let our minds and souls soar free for a while. Use essential oils or aromatherapy to help brighten the mood around you. I love citrus for that purpose.

Be True to Yourself

Take of you, dear reader. Until next time,


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