So Much to do!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to June, I hope you are safe and healthy wherever you are in the world today. Here in Virginia we aren’t quite back to normal yet, but we are getting there. Summer is in full swing the sun is shining and everyone here is safe and healthy, what else can we ask for? Some of the exciting things happening this month are a couple of promotions that will help you fill out that summer reading list. Here are some wonderful summer reads on sale!

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The first is for all you sci-fi fans! For the entire month of June these books are on sale just for you! The Deceived by Milissa L. Story is on the list, so if you haven’t read it yet check it out at

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The next one is a sweeter rather than saucy romance sale. Nothing graphic and no erotica, just some sweet and sometimes steamy romance you won’t want to miss. Rescue My Love by Lynn Story is included, so you can get book 1 of the Gates Point series and find your next book boyfriend here: This promotion runs through September so you will have time to read them all!

And my cover artist William Heavey just released some new images that are amazing! Go over and check him out at Bold Fox Designs. William is extremely talented and has an uncanny ability to “know” what you are looking for or need. If you are in need of an amazing graphic artist, drop by and check out his gallery.

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