Time to go to Work

Dear Reader,

I hope that you are safe and well, wherever you are in the world. We are in what they call Phase 1 of reopening, the big difference here is that hair salons and barber shops are able to reopen on a limited basis, which is great news for all of those people who make a living by making the rest of us look good. I was very grateful for my stylist to have an opening for me this weekend. We had a lovely time catching up and and had the entire salon to ourselves it was quite lovely. I was the first appointment of the day and clearly I was the only one willing to get my hair cut before coffee, which tells you everything you need to know how how badly my hair needed to be tamed.

Things are not normal yet, and there are still many people whose businesses are suffering because of the current situation. I urge everyone to try and support those folks as much as possible.

Now, for writers such as myself, if things are starting to reopening slowly where you live you might be feeling a sense of urgency in that our quarantine-like lifestyle which we had embraced long before the rest of the world was forced to embrace might be returning to the status of anti-social. At least for me I had a perfect excuse not to go out, now I am having to start reusing my old excuses for not wanting to go to the grocery store when I could be enjoying the comforts of home and the company of my book characters.

Okay, perhaps I am overstating the situation a bit, but my point is for writers this has been a time to try and get more work done while there rest of the world hasn’t been calling on us to attend book signings and conferences, we should be using this time to double down on our creative endeavors and get some writing done. That has been my goal this past several weeks and while I still feel like I have so much more to do, I am making progress and am closing in on the end of The Atropi Effect. By this time next week I plan to be into the editing stage of polishing this story into a diamond. Then it is onto the next project.

I’ve been using Book Funnel promos lately, they are working wonderfully. I’m doing both newsletter building and sales boosting promos and I have to say I am seeing an uptick in both categories. If you have a book(s) out there you need to promote I highly recommend Book Funnel.

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