Free Sample

Dear Reader,

Things are busy with writing projects from both Milissa L. Story and Lynn Story. Rescue My Love from Lynn Story has a sneak peak available here. The preview includes chapters 1-3 to introduce you to Ethan and Kay.

Kay is a photojournalist covering the war in the Middle East for Beatty Images. When her mother loses her battle with cancer, Kay comes home to Gates Point to take care of the funeral arrangements. Amidst the funeral, the family lawyer and inheriting the family business, Kay needs a distraction from all of her new responsibilities. The Ironclad seems like the answer.

Download your free sample to find out what happens next.

Ethan is an FBI agent in charge of the Gates Point field office, whose marriage is falling apart and the only thing he needs is a drink at the Ironclad, his favorite place for music and bourbon.

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