The Producers

Dear Reader,

Its a new year, time for new beginnings, new goals. We all make them. But, rather than the typical lose weight, go to the gym, or other such stereotypical health related promises that surely would be broken by now. I have confined my resolutions to my authorship.

So far, I have exceeded my expectations so far and I am quite happy. I have been writing between 5,100 and 8,500 words a day, typing, not dictating. If I can keep up this pace, I will be able to increase my output.

One of my major goals is to publish six romance novels in 2020. My first one is with my editor now and things are going well. I am very pleased with how my writing as improved since I started three years go.

If you enjoy romance novels I’m planning Rescue My Love for a February release.

You can follow along and learn about pre-orders and other member benefits for members of my mailing list by joining the fun here.

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