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Dear Reader,

In an effort to be more productive and to enjoy the writing process (yes, that includes editing) I am always eager to try new things. Recently, I bought a new iPad, I still have and use an iPad 1 and a mini but as you know you can’t even update the iPad 1 anymore. It is handy in the kitchen for recipes and things. So, I bought a new iPad and a pen with the idea of using it with my apple wireless keyboard for writing and editing. It is also easier to carry around with me instead of my MacBook. But, I wanted to make sure I could do everything I needed to do on it. I am writing a novel in Pages using their template . I have to say I love how Pages automatically creates a table of contents for you. Having spent hours once trying to create one in Word, this feature alone is enough to make me want to write everything in Pages. I haven’t gotten to a point where I am going to have to convert it to another formate for publishing so I’m sure I will probably lose the ToC in translation, but it comes in handy when writing and editing.

Let me say that I enjoy the tactile aspect of writing with pen and paper. I do not enjoy having to retype my chicken scratch into words on the computer. So the writing functionality with the pen is awesome. Also, in the interest of efficiency and cost. I bought the Logi Crayon and not the iPen as it was much cheaper, but works fantastically with the iPad. So far I have used it to make handwritten notes in a Pages document that was typed. I don’t have to lug my laptop, I can sit anywhere and easily work on my documents or make notes with my pen.

Everyone is different and has their own style, but if you like sleek, portable efficiency and are a fan of Apple, this is the way to go. IPad 10.3 7th gen. With Crayon, and a Bluetooth keyboard. It sounds like a lot more than carrying around a laptop, but my apple keyboard is the small of the two available and is rock solid when typing. The crayon fits in the loop for my iPad case and carrying both is still lighter than the laptop and I can carry a smaller bag as well.

So if your wondering what to get that special writer in your life for Christmas or other special occasion. The Logi crayon and/iPad is a great option in my opinion.

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