Dear Reader,

It has been a wonderfully productive day. With some time before my day job, my lunch break and this evening I have written 3,273 into my next book. So I am on a roll. I editing my first draft of a book this weekend. That is now in the hands of my darling husband who will rip it to shreds for me, then I will send it to my wonderful editor in Colorado. But, while hubby is busy with one book, I have moved on to the next.

I have been perfecting my writing schedule and trying different productivity techniques since I started in 2017 and I think I have found my groove in that regard. I am also world building. I never took that as seriously before as I am a discovery writer. I used to kept track of people, places and things on index cards. Yes, actual index cards, because I was a little skeptical of all the pricy software out there to help you with world building. I’ve tried a few that offer free trials and there some amazing programs out there to help you. But, what I found works best for me because I like to have a little more control over the information, is a good old fashioned Excel spreadsheet. I set it up with what I think I need, but I also have the flexibility to add or change things as my world changes. It is searchable, which is one of the biggest aspects for me and of course I have it sorted in a way that works for me as well. I have a sheet for physical locations, a sheet for people, a sheet for reoccurring themes.

Photo by Coralline Clin on Unsplash

While I am just getting started with my spreadsheet it has already made my life so much easier.

Write on!

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