Perfect Days

Dear Reader,

I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend. It is gray and raining here but, it is also near 80F so I will not complain. You know how I love rainy days, especially warm days with a gentle rain. We have been spared the predicted severe rain with thunder, so far. Today started early with a coffee and G.K. Chesterton Father Brown mystery. I do enjoy the Father Brown stories.

Yesterday, was filled with all the necessary errands of a typical weekend. There was a very nice book sale. Knowing that I would have very little down time while out and about, I left the house without a notebook, big mistake. I found myself with some free time between errands, I didn’t have my notebook, or my laptop and I am not one to dictate in public, so I ran into a dollar store and bought myself a notebook and a pen. Moral of the story never leave home without my notebook.

I finished up a knitted Christmas gift last night after all the errands were completed. I am feeling quite accomplished.

Now off to get some more writing done. I hope your weekend is as enjoyable.

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