Here We Go Again

Happy Monday Dear Reader,

It’s Monday a new day, a new week and a new chance to work on that book. Maybe you were able to write this weekend. I had a productive weekend with regard to writing despite the errands that had to be completed. But, today is a new opportunity to continue that productivity and even step it up a notch. The goal is 1500 words today. I will carve out some time at lunch and see how far I can get and then tonight after work I will see how much time I need to spend writing to at a minimum meet my goal. I also have some editing to do on another book.

Time management is a big part of writing. You have to set goals for yourself, but you can start small. Did you know that Toni Morrison wrote her first book in 15 minute increments? She was a single mom working full time and at the end of the day she only had fifteen minutes before she need to go to bed to get enough rest to start over the next day? Even fifteen minutes a day is enough time to write a book.

Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

How much time are you carving out in your day to write?

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