The Weekend

Dear Reader,

We made it, it is the weekend. Time for some serious self care and writing. I have a thousand ideas running through my head. I seem to get more ideas the more I am stressed. I don’t know why. Maybe as a distraction to the madness that is going on around me.

We have a lot going on today and some errands to manage. But, in the interest of productivity. I took along a notebook and pen so that during the errands that required waiting, like getting a flu shot, I could get some writing down. These short bursts of waiting were perfect for sketching out ideas and book blurbs. In between errands I managed to sketch out a story line for three new books. Today, I saw my first Christmas Santa’s at the pharmacy today. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas in all of its secular glory. I love the Santa’s and snowmen, the trees and all the decorations. I love the lighting displays and the music. But, I prefer them a little closer to December. I haven’t quite finished getting ready for Halloween yet. But, I do have mums and pumpkins on the porch. And my office is decked out with mini pumpkins and goards, gargoyles and skeletons.

Now that the errands are done, I can sit outside at home and enjoy the sun and make some progress by getting words on the page. What are you writing today? How are you working towards your writing goals?

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