So Close to Friday

Dear Reader,

Have you ever had one of those days when you only thing keeping you vertical is the copious amount of coffee you’ve been drinking? That is my day yesterday. The day job is a little extra stressful right now and I’ve been awake since 2:30 am. But, with the help of some strong coffee I’m powered through the day. Now, I just need to have enough energy to let me go home and get some writing done. I am stuck on a project right now and need to work through it.

When I get stuck on a story that is going in a different direction than I originally planned I go back to basics and pull out my notebook and start mapping it out. If I continue down this path that the story is leading me what will happen, will it effect the overall story line? Will it change the ending? How will it effect the characters? Will they all survive?

So tonight I need to work on getting this new turn of events in the story sorted out. It requires a little more research, but that is okay. Research if fun and I always learn so much from the experience.

Also, at lunch yesterday I was reading some awesome short stories from the Area 51 Anthology, seriously if you are into sci-fi, aliens, and conspiracy theories, you need to grab yourself a copy of this book. I’m not saying that just because my short story, Paradise Ranch is included. It is really and awesome read. The reviews speak for themselves. This book is a great value, 35 amazing authors, over nine hundred pages of alien awesomeness. Hey and if you have Kindle Unlimited its free! So check it out.

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