Silver Writing Part I – Inspiration

A big part of writing is inspiration. What inspires you to write? Is it your feelings? An emotional connection to an event or person? Is it the tactile act of writing itself? Personally, if I want to remember something I write it on a slip of paper. The act of writing makes me remember the thing long after that slip of paper has faded away. Maybe, you already have a lot of ideas in your head for your writing, a snippet of a conversation or a song that your heard on the radio while commuting between point A and point B and by the time you get to where you are going you have a whole story worked up in your mind that could turn the lyrics of a song into a full length novel. 

How to Keep the Mojo Flowing

Maybe you don’t need inspiration for a story, but you just need a little inspiration to keep the writing mood going. I mean lets face it, you can’t write it if you’re not focused on it. So how do you stay focused?  I can tell you how I stay focused, I discovered an app for my phone called Rain Rain from J. Thorn. I know what you are thinking, Milissa, I already have like six meditation apps.  Fair enough, but do your meditation apps like you layer your favorite sounds? 

That’s right layered sounds. So yes, you will find the typical ocean wave, thunderstorm and cafe background sounds. But with Rain Rain you can layer two of them. One of my favorite combination is a thunderstorm layered with ocean waves. I don’t know about you but watching storms roll in over the water is a wonderful sight and the sound? I find it relaxing and inspiring at the same time. You can layer which ever sounds you like. Today I am listening to ocean waves and seagulls over the ocean. So you get double the ocean sound with seagulls in the background. I am instantly transported to the beach and can focus on the task at hand, which today is working on book three of the Maggie Gray trilogy. There is a free version and a premium version of the app. I use the free version.

What are you working on today? Have you carved out some time for yourself to plan what you want to write about? Do you already have a favorite spot that you enjoy that taking a notepad, laptop or voice recorder would enhance the experience as you note your thoughts, impressions, feelings? 

Tomorrow we will talk more about what to do with all that inspiration. 

Here are a couple of links to inspire you today: 

J. Thorn

Rain Rain

The Creative Penn

Books and Travel

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