Cover Reveal!!!

Dear Reader, Earlier this week my newsletter went out with all sorts of good news and juicy tidbits. If you want to know the latest juicy news before anyone else make sure to sign up before you leave the webpage today. Now I will tempt you with something exciting my subscribers got to see before … Continue reading Cover Reveal!!!

Storming Area 51

Dear Reader, I'm sure you've heard by now Alienstock has been cancelled. But, if you were planning on attending or just waiting to read the story of what happened to those wayward souls who thought crashing the gates was a good idea, all is not lost! Just in time to satisfy your Area 51 cravings … Continue reading Storming Area 51

The Winds of Change

Dear Reader, As I write this I am praying for the people of the Bahamas who are experiencing unprecedented destruction. Hurricane Dorian is headed for the east coast of the United States. Here in Virginia we are in the cone of possibility for experiencing the effects of the storm. Historically our worst hurricanes have been … Continue reading The Winds of Change