The Winds of Change

Dear Reader,

As I write this I am praying for the people of the Bahamas who are experiencing unprecedented destruction. Hurricane Dorian is headed for the east coast of the United States. Here in Virginia we are in the cone of possibility for experiencing the effects of the storm. Historically our worst hurricanes have been in September, so while Dorian is still far away we are keeping a watchful eye to the south.

September 1st brings the promise of fall in a few weeks. I have a pumpkin vine in the garden with blooms I am hoping it will produce at least one pumpkin in time for halloween. This weekend with all the talk of a storm and the coming fall I am in the mood for soup and apple pie.

Yesterday I made the soup. Tomorrow I will make the pie.

Potato, broccoli with exotic mushrooms and carrots.

Do you have any favorites thing you love about fall?

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