Storms and Surf

Dear Reader,

Today, while enjoying coffee in the garden it feels stormy. It has been cloudy and overcast with no rain, winds have been picking up, the surf is choppy and you can smell the salt air on the breeze. The air just ‘feels’ like a storm is brewing. I love days like today. I love watching the waves, their power and beauty is a reminder to those living close to the water that mother nature is ever present and must be respected.

This weekend is the East Coast Surfing Championship, always fun and exciting. The waves aren’t really cooperating, but it allows the surfers to show off their skills to make the most of the choppy little waves.

Yesterday was cloudy and stormy and a great day to spend some time at my local library writing. I am working hard to push out The Atropi Effect, Book 3 in the Maggie Gray trilogy. Much progress was made. And in other sci-fi news don’t forget to check back here for an update on the upcoming Area 51 Anthology.

Updates on the romance novels, by Lynn Story, Rescue My Love is undergoing the first round of edits. The cover is nearly finalized and looks amazing. The second novel is still a work in progress, and in the rough draft/outline stage.

I hope your weekend is going well and don’t forget to be creative!

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