Summer Reading

Lazy summer days with cobalt skies punctuated by an occasional puffy cloud. Are perfect for reading a good book or three.

I finished the first three books in the ARKANE series by JF Penn; Stone of Fire, Crypt of Bone, and Ark of Blood. I thoroughly enjoyed them all. So much so and immediately purchased the next three in the series in a box set. If you enjoy the thrill of the chase, in the vein of Dan Brown or Steve Berry, then you really need to read the ARKANE series. Dr. Morgan Sierra is part Indiana Jones, part James Bond, part Laura Croft only better. She’s smart, she is passionate, and she can be dangerous.

As a student and lover of history I enjoyed the hunt for historical and religious relics. The pace is never boring and there are enough gorgeous men to keep your eyes glued to the subtext of the story. For those left wanting more there are research links and notes to send you off on your down adventure at the end of each book.

I’m looking forward to the next one. Thank you Ms. Penn for sharing your stories with the world.

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