The Joys of Warmer Weather

Happy Weekend Dear Reader,

We have been experiencing a lot of wet weather lately, as I know many parts of the U.S. have been. We have been fortunate to have been spared any major flooding, although we’ve had power outages, boats breaking their moorings, and trees down. But, today it is all blue skies and sunny. I don’t mind the cloudy stormy days, but I also do love the sun.

I have been working on the Gates Point Series and have finished the first book in the series. I am in editing mode now, which I have learned to enjoy just as much as the writing part. Actually, it is just a part of the same process to me now. I used to dread it. But, I learned that I needed to change my attitude towards it or I would never be able to achieve the speed and efficiency I wanted in my writing.

If you’re a writer I encourage you to embrace the editing process and think of it as another layer of creativity.

Happy Creating!

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