A Romantic Day

Happy Weekend Dear Reader,

The weather is perfect here today. The sky is a robin egg blue, a stiff breeze that has the laundry flapping on the line and it is a wonderful 80 degrees. The errands have been run for the day and I can enjoy this weather on the patio and work on developing my fictional city of Gates Point for my contemporary romance series.

Gates Point like my hometown is located on the Atlantic coast and benefits from the ocean breezes. Gates Point is a mixture of historic area and industrials areas. With cozy neighborhoods and high rise apartments.

One of the my favorite things about my home town is all of the different ways to enjoy your weekend. There are museums of various kinds, music vendors, several farmers markets. If you can’t find it here, it doesn’t exist.

If there is something you especially love about your hometown or a place you have lived and you’d like me to include it as part of Gates Point, email me. Make a part of your home town part of Gates Point.

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