My Secret Garden

Happy Friday Dear Reader,

It is such a beautiful day. The forecast is calling for rain, but right now it is that moment before the rain comes when the mixture of sun and clouds gives the sky that light grey hue but the green of the trees and the color of the flowers are so vibrant! Sitting under the live canopy of branches of the white oak tree in my back garden gives me the feeling of being tucked away in my own secret garden.

I am fortunate to have the day off today. My dog Lily, she’s an elderly hound, has an appointment this morning so I am enjoying a quiet coffee before we begin our errands.

I have an update for you on my experience with Publish Drive. It seems to be going pretty well I have apparently sold four books through them but the way their system works it seems to have a one month delay in the reporting so the sales figures are for March. But, I can’t tell where the sales occurred and through which seller. So I’m not sure if this is some characteristic of the program or my learning curve in using it. I’m trying to figure it out. And even though screen indicates I have sales. I don’t see anything on the lives sales reporting screen. So I’m a bit confused. I’ll keep you posted or if anyone else has experience in with this please feel free to share. I am starting my second Amazon ad promotion with them so fingers crossed for a better result this time. I love the ease of use of the Amazon ads through Publish Drive.

Well, time for the old girl and I to start our day. I hope the weather is beautiful where you are today.

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