Make it Short

Hello Dear Reader,

Thank you for popping over. Things here are really greening up here in south east Virginia. The trees are finally green, the grass has been mowed twice already, and I am able to move my veggie plants out of the cold frame and into their containers.

The trees blooming behind my house.

I have some exciting news on April 24th (mark your calendars), The Gunrunner will be featured on Prolific Works, blog, email, and social media for one week! The Gunrunner, is the first of several short stories that are a companion to the Maggie Gray Novels. The stories are her mission logs to provide details and insights into the Federation missions she was assigned and are mentioned in the novels. Other short stories in the series are released to my newsletter follows as I publish them. So if you’re interested in checking them out. Check out Prolific Works on April 24th!

April 24th you can get your free copy at Prolific Works!

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