Hello, April

We seemed to have survived winter without any snow this year. Hooray. The cold weather seems to be behind us and flowers and trees are in bloom. My little vegetable garden is starting to pop up. Little green sprouts are pushing through the dirt. We harvested the last of our cold weather crops, carrots! It was the first time we had planted them so I was so pleased to actually have home grown organic carrots.

There has been a lot happening lately, NASA got a picture of a black hole, how flippin’ cool is that?

My experiment with Amazon ads was completed on March 31st. The results of which are 308 impressions and 3 clicks. Not very exciting. The silver lining is that it only cost me 9 cents. So, I didn’t lose too much in this little adventure. As I mentioned I tried this through Publish Drive, which I am pleased with my experience with them. The money I had budgeted for my ad campaign will can either be transferred back to my bank account or I can leave there for another ad campaign. Which is what I have decided to do. I will try again, perhaps with a different book this time and see how it goes.

Speaking of different books have you checked out my new tab on the website? I have decided to start a contemporary romance series, which different from my science fiction work so I have added a pen name, Lynn Story. Pop on over and check it out. I am 30,000 words into my debut romance novel. If you’d like to join my mailing list for that series you can do so here. I’ll be sending out samples and free chapters soon for followers.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you. Til next time, dear reader, take care.

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