Website Update

Happy Thursday Dear Reader,

It is Friday eve and if you are like me you are already looking forward to the weekend. It has been quite a busy week here at Stitches and Stories. I have decided to branch out and start writing a new contemporary romance series under the pen name, Lynn Story. I’ve added a separate page on the website to showcase my work. There is a new tab for Milissa L. Story for the science fiction novels.

I will use the blog to update you on my author journey in all genres, but if you’d like updates on specific titles or series you can sign up for my newsletter for on either the Lynn Story tab or the Milissa L. Story tab. Newsletters are published monthly and will include progress of a current project, links to similar books to hold you over until the next publish date, opportunities for things like ARC readers etc.

So stayed tuned, there will be a lot more to come now that I am doubling down on my writing!

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