Update to Amazon Ads on Publish Drive

Hello Dear Reader,

In a previous post I mentioned how Publish Drive has an dashboard for Amazon Ads that anyone can use, regardless if your book is published on Amazon through PD or not. I publish directly to Amazon but I thought I’d give the dashboard a try because anything to make Amazon Ads easier I’m willing to try.

The dashboard itself is quite easy to use and is pretty self explanatory, which is great. I set up an ad to run for 30 days, we are about at the halfway point. So far I have 81 impressions or times my ad has been posted and I have gotten zero clicks or sales from these ads. I do not believe this is any reflection on the dashboard. As I mentioned it is quite easy to use. But, I believe it as more to do with the ad itself and its effectiveness. I know many people have had mixed results from one ad platform or another. For some people Amazon ads work great for others Facebook ads. So far it looks like I’m in the category of ‘Zon ads are my thing right now and I’ll think twice before spending any money on a pay to play ad. I may try something else instead. What form that will take I’m not sure yet, I’ll keep you posted.

But, if you’ve had success with Amazon ads or want to give them a try the Publish Drive dashboard is easy to use. And again I’m only halfway through the 30 day period so who knows things might improve. But, so far I am unimpressed with my first Amazon ad.

Keep creating!

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