Weekend Recap

Hello Dear Reader,

Happy Sunday, and for those of you like me to have a day job, my sympathies on your weekend coming to a close. How many of you have a side hustle you are hoping to make your full time job someday? Yeah, me too. I am hoping to be able to make a living with my novels at some point, but for now I spend ever spare moment working on them.

In my part of the world we had our time change last night. Daylight Savings time. I was awake for it working on a book. One minute it was 1am and next it was 2am. Just like that. I lost a whole other of productivity not to mention sleep. What are you doing this week to make your dreams come true? Share a comment or a pic of your side hustle with me on Twitter @milissalstory, Facebook or Instagram MilissaLstory_author #sidehustle.

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