Website Update

Happy Thursday Dear Reader, It is Friday eve and if you are like me you are already looking forward to the weekend. It has been quite a busy week here at Stitches and Stories. I have decided to branch out and start writing a new contemporary romance series under the pen name, Lynn Story. I've … Continue reading Website Update

Update to Amazon Ads on Publish Drive

Hello Dear Reader, In a previous post I mentioned how Publish Drive has an dashboard for Amazon Ads that anyone can use, regardless if your book is published on Amazon through PD or not. I publish directly to Amazon but I thought I'd give the dashboard a try because anything to make Amazon Ads easier … Continue reading Update to Amazon Ads on Publish Drive

We Made it to Friday!

Congratulations Dear Reader, We made it to Friday with our sanity intact. (I hope) Bonus it is also a new month. A new chance to do something great, a chance to write another 50,000 words. Friday provides new opportunities for weekend adventure. Not sure what my adventure might be this weekend, but it will have … Continue reading We Made it to Friday!