Dear Reader,

Do you go through phases of likes and dislikes? Do you fall in love with something and that is what you focus for a while until something comes along that you fall in love with?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been listening to blues music almost exclusively. Now, I am not new to blues. I’ve always listened to it and enjoyed it. But, I enjoy many different genres of music and may listen to one in the morning and a different one in the afternoon. But, lately, I’ve been glued to my blues station on Pandora. Maybe it’s the weather here. It has been extra gloomy and rainy and now cold. So maybe it still has something to do with my mood.

Do you have anything you are hooked on right now? Another thing I am stuck on right now is tacos and wraps. I made tacos for dinner last night and I found a recipe for a wrap with cranberries and cream cheese that sounds yummy.

Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

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