I Hear ‘Ya

Dear Reader,

I’ve been catching up on my news and podcasts this week and one of the things I found interesting were the stories about trends for 2019 in the book industry. Audio books. Now certainly audio books are nothing new libraries began distributing books on cassette tape in 1969. In the 1970s new technology allowed for wider distribution and spawned the audiobook market. According to Wikipedia 1986 was a turning point in the audiobook industry, with the creation of a professional association and a number of audiobook publishing companies making their product more available in retail locations such as Walden Books.

(Raise your hand if you remember going to Walden bookstores in the mall)

Technology certainly played a part in furthering the interest in audiobooks in addition to is music counterpart. Cassettes to CD’s and then to digital downloads and streaming available today.

With the popularity of personal home devices like Amazon’s Alexa is this another turning point for audiobook popularity? While audiobooks are already popular and widely used will these devices increase the popularity of audiobooks? Do you use your personal device in your home to listen to audiobooks or even other spoken word performances such as podcasts? Or do you listen to audiobooks during your commute?

The Consumer Electronics Show CES is taking place right now in Las Vegas, and it will be interesting to see what technology will be showcased that relates to voice and consumer of information, such audiobooks and other entertainment content.

How do you prefer to ‘read’, traditional paper book, on a devices such as a kindle or kobo reader, or audio?

I think the future looks bright regardless, clearly audiobooks in one form or another are here to stay.

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