Happy New Year

2018 A Look Back

Another year has gone by and it is traditional to look back at our lives. What have we accomplished in the past twelve months? At first glance in the rearview mirror it doesn’t seem like very much. But, if break things down in smaller bits I think you will be surprised at what a great year to had.

My own look backward I published my second novel, Gray’s Requiem; I published two short stories; participated and ‘won’ NaNoWriMo which resulted in a draft of book four, but I also wrote the first draft of book three. The incredible Heather August and I started work on the audio files for book two, Gray’s Requiem so that we can get that published on Audible. I started a facebook group and a Pinterest Community. I was part of an author night at the local library with some amazing local authors.

I celebrated my second year at my day job which included some challenges such as having our division shifted from my department to another and resulting in a whole new set of supervisors and some changes to our day to day operations.

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