Day 23

Welcome to Black Friday Dear Reader,

A day that I refuse to participate in, even if at stores who do not experience the stupidity of trampling one another for a TV. I do not enjoy shopping under normal conditions I have no desire to shop under stressful conditions.

I prefer to spend my day after Thanksgiving making up for the words I didn’t type yesterday. Today, I managed 2,365 words. It was a rather relaxing day. It was cold here by my standards. It was 32 degrees when I woke up. I am miserable in anything less than 70 degrees. But, on the bright side now that it is officially “after Thanksgiving” I will not have to endure the snickers and comments about having started my Christmas decorating or listening to Christmas music. I intend to watch all the Christmas movies on Hulu. The way the day job has been going lately, I need all the positive vibes I can get.

I am at a turning point in my NaNoWriMo story. Two of the characters are attracted to each other and I am trying to decide if the story should take a romantic turn or not. But, I can write it now and decide later and edit out if it doesn’t work. That is the fun part of writing you can go write anything and everything you feel and then edit it later to mold it into the story you want to tell.

But until then, I’m cranking up the Black Light Ascension and jamming.


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