Day 16 & 17

Dear Reader

I only managed 432 words on Friday.  So I have a total of 22,814 words for the month so far. The story I am writing and I’m experimenting with point of view and it really seems to get the words flowing. I have two protagonists; a male and female and each chapter are written in alternating points of view. I don’t know if the final product will remain that way but it certainly helps to get words on a page. Well, you know except for this week but that didn’t have anything to do with my writing mojo. It had more to do with the day job interfering with my personal life.

Day 16, Friday evening I was settling into my writing chair when I got a call from work about an issue from earlier in the day that had grown into a bigger issue. There was a lengthy conversation with the Director, (The Director who called is in charge of a department I used to be in, but recently my division was moved to a different department) followed by an email with a list of things I needed to do Monday morning. The email was sent to me, my current/new Director and the City Manager, no pressure, right? Problem is I already have a Monday book solid with meetings not the least of which is a meeting about an upcoming audit visit from a federal agency for our city. So, in order to try and head off the scheduling conflicts that are quickly building, I went in and work a little on Saturday. Plus Saturday was a day of parades and the official kick-off of the holiday season, so even if you weren’t going to the parade itself, traffic was interesting.

But, here I am finally back in my writing char at 8:30 am on a Sunday morning. Hopefully, I will be able to get some work done before it warms up enough to go outside and get some yard work done.

I hope that your weekend is going to plan. Stay tuned.

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