Day 14 It Feels Like Winter

Dear Reader,

We are being hit with rain again. I am all for rainy days, I’m not even opposed to overcast days it sort of puts me in the mood for writing. But, when it turns cold like this, well there just isn’t much I dislike more than cold, wet, chilled to the bone weather. To be honest anything below 70 degrees and I’m grabbing a sweater. This weather we are having tonight is just a mess. Torrential downpours 40mph winds. And tomorrow it will be 64 degrees again. I grew up here so you would think I would be used to it by now, I should be damp proof, but I’m not. I think it skipped a generation or something.

But, what else is there to do but stay inside where it is warm and write. Which is what I am doing tonight. It is half past eight, so I will probably be writing into the night. The day job was just completely crazy today. And it started with me trying to arrange a tow truck for my car that wouldn’t start yesterday morning when I was trying to get to work. I didn’t have time to deal with it and luckily I had access to another way to work, so today I had to get to work, then call and make arrangments to get the car into the shop.

Then there was work itself. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the planning department in your local government, but it can be a challenge some days. Citizens have concerns about a project and you want to help them out as much as possible but that requires research and collecting of information to share with them. Then you have someone with an idea for a project and they are looking for advice and help (actually, I get those calls multiple times a day. So again, it takes some time to do some research and get them the best answer. Then you have all the little things that pop up, someone needs something signed in a hurry, well you get the idea. So some days eating lunch is not really an option. You, do what you can in between phone calls. So days like that I don’t take a “lunch break” which is when I do most of my writing during the week. I can usually manage about 1500 to 2000 words in 45 minutes or so. But, not today. I will work on it tonight and have an updated word count for you tomorrow.  And because I have been without my car, I haven’t been keeping up with my podcasts like I normally do, so no writing related tech news to share with you today. But, I did hear on the radio that Keurig is coming out with mixed drink pods? How is that going to work?

Have you heard of this? Has anyone tried this? If you have let me now. I am curious. As a former bartender and one that still dabbles on the side, I find this fascinating.

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