Day 13

Dear Reader,

Thank you for continuing to stop by and check on my progress. Thirteen days in and I am up to 17,426 words. Only 32, 574 words to go. A piece of cake right? If you want to support the cause you can check out my facebook page and help support creative educational programs in schools. NaNoWriMo also sponsors a children’s version to help them find their inner creative self.

Good news, we are very close to getting Gray’s Requiem finalized for audio! I got the cover art today from the talented William Heavy at Bold Fox Designs.

A further update to the work in progress for NaNoWriMo, it is more of a space opera and follows the crew of the Star Venture as they encounter the strange and unusual beings of the galaxy. Many are friendly enough, but many would be happy enough to eat them.

The crew is made up of a grizzled captain, two geeks, one ex-cop and one ex-con. It promises to be dark and twisted.

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