Day 6 Rock the Vote

In my part of the world it is election day and what little TV I watch is flooded with political ads and my cell phone has been getting those political spam phone calls. It is important to vote and let your voice be heard, but I can’t say I will miss the ads and phone calls. There was a time when the ads were all about what the candidate could do to improve some particular problem or issue. Now, it is all about bashing the other person. Nothing to tell you why they are better than the next guy other than to say they didn’t do anything as part as the opponent. Seems like the spirit of it is gone and it is sad.

You know what else is sad was my word count yesterday! Oh my gosh. But today is a new day and time to refocus.

So I put on some new age chill music and got down to business. I logged 2,734 words today. So that should make up for my lack of mojo yesterday.

It is amazing what a little background music can do for me.

I also allowed myself the freedom to not write my scenes in strict chronological order. I wrote a scene today, that isn’t too far out of sequence but will definitely need a better transition in the edit.

If it is midterm elections where you are, I encourage you to go out and vote!

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