Day 3 and Beyond

Good Evening Dear Reader,

I know it is later than normal for my daily check-in. But, my weekends are a little less structured when it comes to writing than weekdays.  It was a typically Saturday filled with running errands and doing the weekly grocery shopping. But, something really cool did happen.

I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond doing a little Christmas shopping and I ran into a co-work. We work in different departments so I don’t see him every day but when we do have time to chat, he is just one of those people who you could talk to for hours. We have some things in common and he is a terrific storyteller. Well, today I got to meet his wife. She is just one of the sweetest people you could ever meet and when it comes to science fiction and alien stories, well she is a kindred spirit for sure. We started talking about our shared love of all things science fiction. My co-worker mentioned my books and the conversation turned to writing and the process and plots etc. Well, long story short, I’m taking copies of my books to work on Monday for her. I hope/think I found just the person I write my books for. The perfect reader! I do hope she enjoys them. But, it was such a treat to meet her and talk to her about everything I enjoy and she didn’t look at him like I had three heads even once!

I did manage to hit my target word count for the day, but only just a few minutes ago. So I did manage 2,235 words today. So I’m up to a grand total of 6,774. I’m pretty happy about it.

Tomorrow, I am not leaving the house, so I’m hoping for more productivity.


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