In my part of the world, the air is crisp, the wind is cooler, leaves are turning orange, red and yellow. Stores are filled with Halloween candy and costumes, turkeys and a hint of red and green. All this means it’s that time of year again; time for National Novel Writing Month!

When writers young and old; published and unpublished take time to come together and write 50,000 words in 30 days. The equivalent of a novel. We form support groups, buy Halloween candy and tell our families it’s for the kids, but we are actually stashing it in our NaNoWriMo survival kits. Those who don’t normally drink coffee start trying to acquire the taste in anticipation of pulling all-nighters. It just about the most fun you can have online! And in the end, you have a book, what could be more awesome than that? Well, I’ll tell you. What if during all of this excitement you were also raising money for educational programs in schools? Programs, that offer children the chance to embrace their creativity and learn all the fun things they can do with it? Now, that is a reason to celebrate.

Check it out at NaNoWriMo to learn more about their mission. I have participated in the past, one some years, some years didn’t quite make it. There were a few years I didn’t participate because I was already in the middle of a project. But this year, I have set aside The Atropi Effect for a month to participate.

What will come out of my dedicated month of writing? Follow along with me and I’ll share with you my experiences, up and downs and final outcome. But, no matter what it will be an awesome new story for you!  Check back for daily updates starting November 1st!

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