Are We Alone?

How many times have you heard that question posed? It is an age-old question with regard to intelligent life in the universe. People have been studying the question in a scientific manner using the Drake Equation N=(R*)(fP)(ne)(fL)(fi)(fc)(L). Being a weaver of words, equations such as the Drake gives me hives just looking at it. I never really enjoyed those classes in school, chemical formulas in college caused me to change my major.

I recently read an article at about the Drake Equation and the possibility that we are alone in the universe. As a writer and lover of science fiction, I found the interview with Anders Sandberg of Oxford University.

Now I must confess I am a ‘what if’ kinda person. Basically, that is the basis of how I start my stories. I read something and think ‘what if’ that happened this way or that way instead. Or, that is an awesome idea now ‘what if ‘ we add an alien?

So the question still remains, “Are we alone?” My question to you is “Are we alone, here on earth?” That is my the question I pose in The Deceived, book 1 of the Maggie Gray trilogy. Are humans the only sentient species on earth? I don’t know, you tell me.

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