Just Getting Started

Dear Reader,

Summer is just getting started here in the U.S. Schools are letting out for the summer, community pools are opening up, summer classes will be starting at the local colleges. June is a month for graduates, festivals, and brides to be. It is a wonderful time for those of us who love warm weather.

Today I am enjoying warm summer breezes, clothes drying on the line, the smell of flowers blooming. I harvested my first tomatoes of the season and will enjoy them on a salad for dinner.

It is perfect for writing in the sunshine. Or enjoying a good book, I scored some wonderful 20th Century history books yesterday at a book sale. And plan to spend the evening reading among the fireflies.

Speaking of books, if you’ve read Gray’s Requiem and enjoyed it, please consider nominating it for a Dragon Award in the category of alternative history.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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