It’s a Sea-Lover’s Life

People who live in coastal Virginia will tell you there’s no better place, although I hear those folks up in coastal Maryland have a different opinion.

But, coastal Virginia is beautiful with a bit of everything for everyone. There is seafood galore! Beautiful sunrises over the bay and a long tradition of water-dependent lifestyles. There are working docks, working boats from the reliable Deadrise to the fishing trollers.

For those you enjoy the water for recreation there are fabulous marinas and points of interest.

Recently, a couple returned to the U.S. at Ft. Monroe after four years at sea! They have a marvelous blog chronicling their journey and adventures, even if you aren’t a lover of waves, wind and sun I think you will enjoy their story. You can read the adventures of SV Trillium here.

There are groups and sorts of web pages dedicated to the workboats of the Chesapeake Bay even on Facebook. 

My thought as I was reading the article about the Day’s, was what wonderful inspiration for a book. As a writer can you imagine spending four years sailing the world, meeting so many interesting people. You’d never have writer’s block again!


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